“Shades of Green” may not be one of the best Usagi stories ever written, but I’ve also never read an Usagi story I didn’t like, either. It’s a very fun TMNT tale, even if it doesn’t really give the characters enough time to explore the strange new world they’ve landed in. Hopefully, if you TMNT fans do go out and read it, it’ll act as your “gateway drug” into the Usagi Yojimbo comics as it did with me. Pizzaface’s MO in this episode is similar to what was originally described on his toy card , but writers Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt add an extra layer of nastiness to it by making Pizzaface a cannibal. They even retain the concept discussed above from the prototype toy, in which Pizzaface would taint the pies with his own dismembered body parts. Albeit, rather than fingers, Pizzface is now made entirely of pizza, using his cheesy flesh to make the consumables.

If you have a large breed canine pal, they can stretch their hearts out and still be in place. It also features a non-skid bottom to ensure your pal’s security and safety when he’s out of your sight, so you can enjoy your trip more. Camping is a very enjoyable activity one can share with their canine pals. A sleeping bag is one of the essentials when going on a camping trip, especially if it can get cold where you’re camping. It will keep him warm and let him get enough sleep to prepare for the next fun and adventure-filled day.

Pillows will be sold in several places, with all revenues going to help the homeless. You may either participate in the pillow battle or watch from the sidelines. In an effort to prevent this, try normalizing short times where you are separated from one another. It doesn’t have to be anything major – just place your dog in his crate and go do your grocery shopping or visit your favorite coffee shop. Beauty meets brains with the feisty Pomeranian and the super-smart Toy Poodle.

And the opening editorial once again praises the comic and promotes the upcoming ongoing series. TMNT #8 is one of my favorite issues of Volume One and probably the book’s best exercise in the one-off episodic style of storytelling that would eventually dominate much of it. The issue’s full of great action, but best of all, it never takes itself too seriously. In the year 1406, Cerebus the Aardvark is dealing with some barbarian goons he’s hired for a fortress raid when Renet and the Turtles pop out of the sky and, yeah, that’s right. Their arrival piques the interests of the demonic overlord residing within the nearby fortress, Savanti Romero, who recognizes the presence of the time scepter and orders his Captain to rally the guards.

When you cross two small dogs with larger-than-life personalities and no sense of scale, you end up with a Pom-Chi. Yes, this Pom / Chihuahua mix has the confidence of Godzilla and makes an affectionate, playful, and highly loyal little family pooch. Without proper socialization this mini-mutt can become fearful and cautious toward strangers… so start early. They are often Best Travel Dog Beds, barking at anything and everything. If you live in an apartment complex with strict noise rules, you may want to reconsider whether this is going to be a good fit. Make the most out of your trip by bringing this raised bed for your pup, providing a relaxing comfort as they enjoy the outdoors with you.

Stan Sakai really is a master cartoonist, and if I had the dough, I would pick up that hardback anniversary collection that Fantagraphics published last year containing the entirety of his first volume of stories. The Turtles mention that Leo had met Usagi three times before this story, thus accounting for all three TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo back-up strips published prior to “Shades of Green”. However, when I first read this issue, I hadn’t been aware of the existence of “The Treaty”, so I remember being very confused and scrambling to find out what this “missing” story way. Sadly, we’ve never had all three of the original crossover strips reprinted together in a single volume, the closest being Fantagraphic’s recent hardback anniversary volume, which only collects two of the three strips.

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