Evendepending on the yasuo player if he’s used to the range match ups. EvenAatrox is probably the most skill match up there is for AD Neeko. Always keep your distance from his Ability combos. MajorLucian is able to win the trades vs Neeko but its winnable. Make sure to watch out for his Rentless Pursuit Piercing Light combo during the laning phase.

With so many rounds in our data, we are quite confident in our suggested builds. IdealI really do love having a sejuani on the team with how much it synergizes with lolsolved.gg in the early game or just in general. She may lack damage but ganking an opponent with Neeko is mostly an easy kill.

Neeko tends to synergizes well with champions that can make use of her ability to lock down opponents. She also works extremely well with champions who can keep opponents grouped in a fight. Here’s a list of champions that I’ve found to work well with Neeko.

This one is kind of a no-brainer as you’ll need it to actually function properly as a mid laner and stop yourself from being pushed into tower all game. Maxing E next to scale your root duration is pretty important as that extra bit of CC will be vital to your success in a fight. W draws the short straw on this one and should be prioritized last. The benefits from points into W, while they are still really good, just don’t outweigh the benefits from either of the other two spells, and thus should be left to last. Shapesplitter has a passive and an active component.

As my secondary tree, I’ve found Sorcery with Manaflow Band and Transcendence to be quite strong. I take double adaptive force for an additional 20 AP right at level one, and swap out my defensive option depending on the opposing team comp. If the seed hits an enemy champion, large monster or kills a minion, it will bloom again up to two times.

Neeko lacks a gap closer, meaning that she is rather immobile and prone to getting pounced on. She has her stealth from Shapesplitter, but that won’t be enough to get away from many champions. She also struggles to deal with anyone who can burst her down while also being mobile. Here are a few champions that Neeko struggles against that you might want to try and avoid. Neeko begins charging spiritual essence in a large area around her.

The League of Legends community has had mixed reactions to the nerf, with one side saying that the nerfs were justified due to her being way too strong. But others say that Riot should have tried to balance the build instead of outright killing it. Either way, we won’t be seeing much of on-hit Neeko on the Summoner’s Rift anymore. It looks like Riot Games doesn’t want anyone playing Neeko as an ADC.

Not to big but easy to deal with in lane if you can keep your distance when he tries to jump on you. ExtremeRecommand to rush an executioner calling to fiora. Bad side about this match up is Fiora is able to parry your e or Ultimate pretty easy. Neeko can disguise herself as an allied champion. Direct damage from champions or casting a damaging spell breaks the diguise.

EvenIt really depends if you’re able to dodge his abilities . If you can dodge his abilties, the lane should be on your favor. EvenKennen has a very similiar playstyle as AD neeko. Please email support if you cannot access your account.

Lee sin can shield to neeko for easy kill potentials. Minorstay behind minions to not get hit by her E. Neeko is able to kill the tentacles with her range advantage. EvenOnly annoying threat about this match up is his E .

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