I am the son of a soldier, I have a very high regard for the British Army, which in my opinion has been the best in the world since the days of Oliver Cromwell, who created the first People’s Army. Even in the days of conscription, the British Army and its personnel acquitted themselves with distinction in Malaya and Korea. In very difficult circumstances (isn’t all conflict difficult?) they continue to do the bidding of this nation’s rulers across the world in a way that is reflective of the society from which they have come.

Existing security providers opened specialized divisions and new providers were established to meet the need. Criteria for hiring security personnel will vary based on the responsibilities of the position, and may also vary depending on whether the position is contract or proprietary. For example, the requirements and training for a security officer guarding a fixed post differ from that of a security officer assigned as a driver. The training requirements for security personnel and the need for proper training documentation are also discussed in detail. The main messages of this presentation are that the selection criteria for individuals assigned to executive security duties are justifiably high and must never be compromised, and training must be ongoing. All the concerns about working from home, IT security, and trash covers apply to the executive’s home and especially to his/her vehicles, aircraft, and hotel rooms.

We’ve identified ten essential pieces of personal protective surveillance equipment that should be considered by both employees and security guards. Whilst their role is to protect, it’s easy to overlook their own personal safety. Please check with your employer as far as requirements in order to use pepper spray. Despite these innovations and forward-looking companies, many people viewed the security industry as nothing more than night watchmen, even up to and through the 1960s. Over the next three decades, the use of security officers became more prevalent.

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global mandates for the usage of face masks, face shields, PPE kits, and other equipment are also expected to see withdrawal. Therefore, the demand for personal protective equipment could decline significantly, resulting in restricted future growth for the personal protective equipment market. I like this post a little bit, but lets not forget you as a security officer and or a security guard your main objective is to observe and report. All weapons are to be used as a last resort for self defense, when situtations get out of your hands.

•Be aware of social engineering risk to telephonic and logical communications. •Consider sterile personal computer monitoring of groups, activists, etc., who would target an executive or their firm (e.g., Darfur, animal rights, eco-terrorists, or political activists focused on the company, etc.). The CEO of the company, who is sitting in a high-rise office building in Houston and who has a much higher rank than the field superintendent, may be under no protection at all . ▪The threat is believed not to exist or is perceived to be at such a low level a program is not merited. With a lone worker alarm system, you can easily detect if a dangerous situation arises. Security boots that are lightweight and flexible for multiple terrains allow guards to be adaptable site-to-site.

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